MASC is holding a DNA Collection Event

to collect samples for the

Samoyed Club of America Research Foundation DNA Bank


Perry, GA



Date: April 17, 2021

Time: 2pm – 4pm



Registration Deadline

March 28, 2021

SCARF Instructions

We are looking for:

  1. Purebred Samoyeds
  2. Any Age (except puppies still nursing)
  3. Who have not previously contributed a sample to the SCARF DNA Bank

If you have a dog(s) that you would like to have participate in this event then

  1. Click this link for instructions to: 1) create your own SCARF DNA Bank database account, if you have not created one already, and 2) add your Samoyed’s record to the database in order to complete the survey questions.
  2. Read the DNA Collection Pamphlet
  3. Enter your dog(s) information in the database.
  4. Bring the following on the day of with your dog(s): 1) 3 Generation Pedigree 2) Completed Release Form 3) Completed Consent to be Contacted Form

To learn more about the SCARF DNA Databank visit:

DNA Bank Q & A